Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Options, alternatives and preferences                                                                                                                            

For aesthetic purposes, I favour "Y"  shape for the steel frame. It will be possibly more difficult to construct than "T" shape ( more welding), but it's symmetry makes a good base for the ceramic triangle.

Ah, the triangle.......fun is in the coming up with many options....

and than choosing the right one....

This is approximately what it would look like:

Maybe I should make it slightly larger than the last one.....

Friday, 3 October 2014

New challenge                                                                                                                            

Here & Now 14 has ended and Shape of Thought has been taken apart to transport back to the studio.
For some time now I have been pondering how to improve the design, and the obvious conclusion is to replace the brackets with the sturdier, welded construction.
I have even done a welding for sculptors workshop in anticipation of the next challenge.

The next sculpture will be based on the geodesic dome again...I feel that I have just started exploring the structure and I still have a long way to go. Well, at least this time the starting point is a bit further down the path, in comparison to the Shape of Thought. 
I need to begin by considering the welded frame first, as that will influence the shape of ceramic triangles.

First, let's look at the geodesic sphere again:

What is not immediately obvious is the angle between the 2 triangles, and that angle complicates my construction. It is a bit clearer on those drawings:

If I decided to make a typical geodesic dome framework (which follows the edge of the triangle lines), using the metal flats instead of rods so that I can attach ceramic pieces to them, I would have to weld ( or bend) each flat to have the angle shown on the lower drawing (left).
Bending would be impossible on the lengths I require, and welding impractical.

On the Shape of thought, if you remember, I have used brackets instead. It looked good, but did not provide any structural strength:

This time, the idea is to use steel flats instead of brackets, welded together into some sort of a net, to which I will be able to bolt ceramic pieces in similar fashion to the work on the photo.
Instead of scanning pages and pages of sketches to illustrate the thinking process, I will present you with the 3 finalists:

 Let's see what they look like connected together. Black lines represent steel flats:

Which one is the best for my purpose?