Saturday, 29 August 2015


I have been silent for over a month, I'm sorry. Silence means that the studio is either very very quiet, or very very busy. In this case: busy. I have been making more spherical sculptures (boy, are they time consuming) with the same explosive "success" as the one pictured in the previous blog.
So here is the new lot, taking it's time to dry:

Unfortunately only 2 at the time fit in my kiln. I have the urge to make some smaller works to fill the kiln up to the capacity, but I need to finish those and send to Sydney soon, so time is precious, and I'm firing 3/4 full kiln against all my instincts.
As other clay workers have observed: when you have a deadline, it is better to focus on the work you need to finish than on how full the kiln is. Any work created quickly in order to fill the kiln will usually end up.... ( insert expletive of choice)....substandard.

In the mean time, Instinctive Sense of Connection has been packed up and it is on the way to Sydney: Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi. I am very excited ( nervous and a bit anxious) about it. I will be traveling to Sydney in October, to set it up. Hopefully, I will be bringing those spherical works with me....