Sunday, 28 June 2015

Intuitive Sense of Connection went to the ball....

and it looked good with the disco lights on at the Astral, Crown Perth for the Artitude 2015

Set up:

On the night:

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

If at first you don't succeed....

....try,try again....
I am making couple of sculptures in the same mould as Icos and Orbis for Bondi Sculpture by the Sea indoor exhibition. I want one to be reminiscent of the Intuitive Sense of Connection, so I start by carving a triangle that I think will have desired effect (on the left):

The problem with this way of working is that I can't really tell what will it look like until the piece is assembled and taken out of the mould.
So I make a couple of plaster moulds, press out 80 little triangles and assemble them together:

And here we are 3 days later:

I am not happy with the result. the corners of the triangles have pushed in, and I don't like the effect it is producing.
I walk away with the hope that I will like it better tomorrow....
....but nope, I still feel the same.
So there is only one thing to do: start again.
This time I have decided to make a different style mould. Previous one required me to cut the triangles and insert them into the mould (press mould). This time, I'll make a stamp mould:

the one on the left was first, on the right is the new one.
Can you spot the difference?

On the second thought, I left too much plaster on the sides, so I trim it with the saw:

I press the stamp into the clay, and use a cardboard cut-out frame as a guide to cut the triangle shape. It is working much nicer than the first attempt.

And here is the finished sphere.

Yeah, I like this one much more :)