Andrea Vinkovic, biography:

Andrea Vinkovic (born in Zagreb, Croatia) is ceramic artist interested in exploring personal and archetypal symbolism of visual language. She is inspired by fragility, organic beauty and delicate balance of natural environment, and intrigued by parallels with cultural environment.
She has exhibited her work in Perth and across Australia since 2001.She was a founding member of Clay Feet exhibiting group whose philosophy was to take art out of the galleries and into the public spaces, making it more accessible to wider community.Clay Feet Group has dissolved after 10 years of practice.
Andrea has studied ceramic at Central TAFE in Perth (now Central Institute of Technology) and has taught there, as well as at Midland campus of Polytechnic West - conveying her passion for clay as material and mode of expression to new generation of artists.

She creates her art in her home studio in Perth hills, Western Australia 

Community Art:


Andrea has taught wheelwork, handbuilding, slipcasting, tableware, sculpture, glaze technology and art history as well as conducted various short workshops.
For more information, please contact Andrea on: (delete this)

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  1. Wonderful work Andrea. Thank you for sharing your passion for clay.