Wednesday, 25 May 2016

New homes

Both Intuitive Sense of Connection and Memories of the Ocean have permanent homes.
Intuitive Sense of Connection looks good in our garden on purpose made platform:

Memories of the Ocean is in the foyer of the Rockingham Council building. Very exciting!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Design Festival

I am very excited to be the part of the first Australian Design Festival in Perth.

On Saturday June 25th we will be opening our house and my studio to Perth product designers and to YOU. Come and visit. I hope that you will find something unexpected and inspiring- that pretty much describes the event from my perspective.

For more info and tickets, CLICK HERE

Sunday, 22 May 2016

True colours

Opening the kiln door is always  a mix of anticipation, curiosity and bracing. Nothing is visibly broken. The test piece in the back left corner has stress cracks, but it looks promising. Not bad....

Friday, 20 May 2016

The kiln is on

This is the glaze kiln this morning before the firing. There are lots of unknowns in here...
I'm hoping that I'll like at least some of them AFTER the firing

Friday, 13 May 2016

Into the future

I never find it easy to write about the future plans. So many things can change in an instant, and writing somehow brings it to the realm of reality before it’s time. Perhaps I am conditioned by the unpredictability of ceramic process. I’m spending hours and days making objects that will change in the firing, and lots of them will not survive. Glazes look very different when applied, and when fired….and there is no going back, only starting again. One way to avoid most of the “firing disasters” is to keep making things that worked in the past. Over and over again. I guess that that point is what separates the artist from the maker. I want to try new things, develop new ideas and experiment. So the rate of discontent with the results is, I guess, higher than average. Or maybe we just don’t want to talk about it publicly and therefore we help to perpetuate the myth of the smooth road to success. In artistic sense. (See graham-hay.blogspot).
And thus, I don’t find it easy to write about the future plans….
I am working on my first solo exhibition. It will open at Heathcote Museum & Gallery, Applecross, Western Australia, on Friday 8th July 2016.
 Less than 2 months to go and a lot to do. I am still undecided should I document the process and emotional turmoil associated with it in order to shed some light on “behind the scenes”, or should I just give you successes? Vulnerability versus self-assurance. Drama versus Fairy Tale. Perhaps there is a middle ground….

in my studio, surrounded by the works waiting  for glazing and second firing.

This piece will be part of the wall installation...


Set up in Mandurah.
Transport is so much easier with the ute than with a large trailer. And being able to drive all the way to the site makes it even better. 

 View of the improved and streamlined inside structure. It looks much better than the original.Recently I had a conversation with an artist painter about the ability to go back to previously "finished" work and re-paint sections or the whole work. This is just about the first time I was able to go back and change aspects of the work after it was finished. You can't do that with clay very often.

 I really like this work. The cubes are made of burned timber.

Thank you City of Mandurah for awarding The Shape of Thought a Highly Commended award.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Breaking a long silence

This is the busiest year ever, in the good way. 
Issues with the phone camera are preventing me from documenting (and therefore posting) as often as I would like to. 
Intuitive Sense of Connection has had some framework modifications, and is now ready for installation in Mandurah. 
I hope that the weather will be wonderful so we can all enjoy a day out among the sculptures.
Hope to see you there:

For more information on Drift, click HERE