Sunday, 9 February 2014

Glaze choices                                    

Kiln was fixed on Friday. One of the wires got pinched between the kiln wall and casing ( while putting a new metal on the side wall) , so wire insulation melted and short circuited. Took a while to find the problem, but once found it was easily fixed. 
So here are the glaze/surface tests:
porcelain slip, no glaze
If I choose this I can once fire as there is no glaze added at all.
thin clear glaze
Very subtle shine, slightly wet or slimy look.
crawl glaze
This one is intriguing. Cool white.
crater glaze
Creamy, off-white and mat.
thin copper wash
Another subtle effect, but with "aged" patina.

Now I have to make a decision....All of the tests are satisfactory as textures are visible, and colour is in the "white" range.
I'm tossing between crater and crawl. ( those two together were meant to give me bubbly, frothy glaze like on the Gateway arch). 
Crater gives me weathered look - I imagine object pitted by weathering, bleached by the sun and slowly decaying. A coral bone found on the beach.
Crawl is much whiter, intriguing and implies a living organism. I almost expect it to start moving like a lizard. 
The challenge is in trying to visualize a 1.5 meters large object in each glaze and deciding which glaze is most suitable. Once choice is made there is no going back. 

I am lingering with the choices and savoring the possibilities for a while. 
Both are equally valid....
What do you think?

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