Saturday, 23 May 2015


I don't usually post about private life, but on this occasion I am making an exception, as it was an exceptional event.
On Sunday 25th April my son married his beautiful girlfriend.
Photographer: Hannah Gosling

To commemorate the occasion, I made little vases for each guest.
I threw them on the wheel from 230g of white stoneware clay.
I used every lump, no rejects, no fuss.
I have spent lovely meditative two days throwing & thinking about the young couple.
Here are the results:

In the kiln before the glaze firing:

 and after:

At the reception:

Photographer: Ryan Walker

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  1. What a beautiful gift you gave everyone, and one that means they will remember a special wedding day! And it sounds like you enjoyed making the little vases. Thanks for sharing your personal story Andrea.