Saturday, 12 December 2015

Introducing Ehux

At the moment I am making a new series of small sculptural works for next year's sculpture by the sea.
I particularly enjoy throwing and assembling those:

I have named it Ehux after Emiliania huxleyi

The one on the image above is glazed in Tin White glaze, with the subtle tinge of iron oxide underneath.
And then I decided to be adventurous, and mixed a copper green mat glaze from my stash of tests, and sprayed it on the Ehux, without the testing the mix.
Of course, the glaze did not turn out quite like the original test tile, but the FEEL of the glaze is amazing, and the colour interesting....
Here it is, Ehux in copper green (original glaze name is Heavenly Turquoise):

From gold to green, with wonderful accent of the edges...what is there not to like. Under my fingers it is the smoothest most luxurious glaze ever. I am totally smitten.
I can't stop thinking about that glaze..... so I have decided to run a set of triaxial + more tests to see what will it be like with the different colourants.
To be continued.....


  1. So glad that I found your blog! Beautiful work! Pozdrav iz Zagreba ;)

  2. Hi Romana,Thank you, I am so glad that you commented - it made me look at your delightful work. We certainly have similar aesthetics. I have not seen much ceramic in Zagreb, I am very happy to see it, at least online