Tuesday, 6 December 2016

the third project

The third project is very different. I am making objects that are reminiscent of Victorian European ceramic, yet decayed and malformed.
It is a great project, very different from what I normally make and I'm thoroughly enjoining it.
You would not believe how difficult it is to make malformed pots!!! I'm throwing them on a potters wheel, which doesn't take kindly to uncentered clay,  but than my instincts are to smooth, even out and perfect. Which is quite strange as I don't usually strive for those qualities. All of the sudden, with coil throwing larger vessels, I am transported right back to the student days at art school...and I have to very consciously move away from it.
The thing is, although objects are meant to be decayed and malformed, I still want them to have a beauty within them.
Here are some bisque fired surfaces:

And some drying:

And some that didn't make it:

I was going to keep it, but by the afternoon the whole top has collapsed inside the vessel.
So I went and bought a new hose for my gas bottle blow torch. I haven't used one of them for a while. It certainly speeds the drying process!!

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