Sunday, 1 September 2013

Gateway 21
early stages
It all started with teaching ceramics to Diploma of Environmental Art students at Midland polytechnic. As a part of their course, students participate every year in Sculpture Survey at GombocGallery.
Lots of pressure and great learning experience for emerging artists.
As a new lecturer to a small group of students I decided to practice as well as preach and make a ceramic sculpture for the survey too.

Theme: “New Perspective”

The idea of the arch emerged very early on. Sculpture had to be relatively large to assert itself in the open outdoor space and I wanted people to be able to connect and interact with the sculpture, space and idea.
Looking at the arch, through arch, physically walking through and emerging on the other side (same or changed?).  In my mind it fitted the theme perfectly.

As a ceramist I am not a stranger to arches.

When I was a student, one of the lecturers introduced me to the Catenary arch. The one that hanging chain assumes under its own weight when supported only at its ends. It is a beautiful mathematical curve, with lots of complex equations... but can be drawn simply and accurately by hanging a chain from 2 nails and drawing the curve it creates.

Catenary arches are often used in the construction of kilns.

And absolutely beautiful when found in nature:

So I knew I wanted to make an arch. Catenary arch.
One of the concept drawings:

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  1. Hi Andria
    I dropped in on the recommendation of Elaine Bradley and am not disappointed - love the drawings of the arch too