Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Gateway 21


First step was to dig 2 holes for the foundations. I made couple of steel rod frames (same system as inside the ceramic blocks) to be concreted under ground level.

They had to be level and perfectly positioned, or the arch would not connect at the top. Big board you see in the foreground of the photo is a template, assuring that perfect fit.   

This part we practiced before and it worked really well.

This is another template, to make sure the top part of the arch will fit - before we start maneuvering it in place.

There are no photos of the next part - we were too busy with all hands holding the heavy frame supporting the ceramic blocks threaded on the metal frame.
The top fitted perfectly and the only thing left to do was to unscrew the MDF frame supporting it.
That is when we realized that the screwdriver head on the battery drill does not fit the screws.
No matter how much we tried, we still did not prepare for everything. The rest of that story is part of a legend now.
Finally, done:

And my favorite photos with my son Robert:

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