Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sculpture I am working on

Next step                                                                 

How can I make sphere, from components? Clay sphere, of course. I happened to be on 16 hour flight...lots of thinking and drawing time, no distractions:

I have to research Geodesic domes!

I chanced upon this inspirational web site that got me playing with skewers:

Except I wanted something more permanent than lollies.

Here is my version:

It took a few days to make, but it was invaluable exercise in order to fully understand principals, components and sizes. Making a 3D model and having it in front of me is totally different than looking at the drawings.
To get a better idea of size of this dome, here it is on my table:

It is quite large, but awesome. I want to keep it, but it takes so much space....
Now I have to figure out how to translate it into clay.

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