Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sometimes it is good to be impatient                                                        

,,,,or would curious be a better word?

couldn't wait to connect first 6 triangles and see how they fit together,  so I "bravely" ventured into the unknown metal brackets territory. I soon discovered that steel is too hard for me to work with, but luckily, my husband Vlado spotted aluminium flats next to the steel ones in the hardware shop, so I bought a meter to try it out.
Working with a trial and error method, I (thanks for the patience Vlado) figured out how to cut, drill and bend aluminium flat into the bracket resembling the drawing ( see previous post).

I only had to make 12 brackets to connect a hexagon and here it is, first connections:

I can't tell you how exciting it is to put 2 clay shapes together with a metal bracket and it's not  falling apart.

Four of them together..still holding...but I feel the first seeds of doubt. The shape is not quite what I imagined.

And the 6th triangle just doesn't fit in. Not enough space.

Where did I go wrong? the hexagon shape I am getting is tighter and more pointy than expected, and no way to "flatten" it a bit.
I find it hard to resist the urge to flatten the angle on the brackets to see if that would help.
I need to properly diagnose the problem.....

Isn't it good I only made 12 brackets, rather than commissioned someone to make 540?

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