Tuesday, 27 May 2014

First  assembly                                                         

The big day has arrived – no more postponements – I have to find out if I can put my sculpture together. Will it work?

It is a beautiful day, and the family has gathered to help. I feel very nervous and keep saying to myself that if it doesn't work nobody will die. It is not as if I’m constructing a bridge or a building.

 In other words, worst thing that can happen is not the worst thing that I can imagine happening.

Oh well, that is comforting. But my hands are still shaking as I’m bringing all components to the grassy area in front of the house.

Positioning the first ring clusters roughly where they should be seems like a good starting point.

And so it begins: 

Tie down straps are really, really useful. They pull pieces in, preventing them from leaning too much out of the center.

Second row is already difficult to handle.

Every nut and bolt is adjustable point. If it is too loose, the whole structure moves out of shape. If it is tightened, it becomes rigid. It is really difficult to find the "just right" position.
And I am beginning to see the complexity of putting it all together. And I am starting to panic. I sense that it will not work ( but I was wrong before, so I try to calm myself down).

And this is when we notice that pieces are starting to break. You know how it goes...first you notice one ( oh no!) than you start looking and notice more. Too many.

Time to stop and pull back.
Time to re-think.
Pull it all apart and go back to the drawing board.

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