Sunday, 23 November 2014

Just as I would not name a baby before it is born, I usually don't name my work before it is finished. The reasons are simple ( in the case of my work, not necessarily applicable to babies): during the making process I like to leave the options open for the piece to evolve and change. Sometimes the piece doesn't change much, but my understanding of it does as I research, think about it and make it...and therefore the name reflects that new perspective and understanding.
This sculpture is different. 
It started its virtual existence as a proposal to the Sculpture by the Sea 2015 at Cottesloe, Perth. The proposal had to be very detailed and include concept drawings, sizes, colours, weight and the title, among the other things.
To my absolute delight and amazement the proposal has been accepted, subject to safety requirements.
The letter I have received stating the deadlines has given me a gentle push in the right direction.... And so the making has begun. 
Oh, you would like to know the name? I'm not sure I should tell you, after all, it has not been made yet ( yes, I almost said "born")
well, all right...
It is called:

Intuitive Sense of Connection
As usual, you will be able to follow its progress here, and I hope that you get to see it at Cottesloe next year.

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