Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Framework, structure, skeleton                                                                                                         

The past week has been very demanding - both physically, as the welding become increasingly difficult and hard to reach; and mentally and emotionally, as the uncertainties are growing. Will it all fit together? What if I have miscalculated the sizes, the shapes, the angles??
Steel flats that seemed so strong and un-bendable before I started, now seem too thin and weak to hold ceramics. I am discovering that metal is a soft material ( comparing to ceramics) if you have the right tools.
And I have to push on to find the answers: will it work?

Taking shape:

Main structure is completed. It is quite flexible and not really rigid. It is also not flat on the ground when turned over (one foot in 3 reaches the ground). I knew it wouldn't be, but now is the time to deal with it....

structure, lines and shadows:

It fits, it fits!!

Working on the base; it needs to be stable and sturdy. If you look carefully, you can see a metal pole in the center reaching from the top to the base. There will be another three before it is finished.

When I was a student, I was ( as most ceramics students I know) intrigued with combining ceramics with other materials. But never, in my wildest dreams I thought that I would be combining with metal, in such a way.
As I stand back and look at the complex angles forming the shape, I am pleased. All the hexagons and pentagons are coming together nicely. Base could of been more elegant, perhaps, but I am concerned with safety and stability...

It is done.
This week, forecast is for the temperatures between 35 - 39 degrees Celsius. (overnight minimum of 24)
Today we have reached 40 degrees, and I am happy that the welding is done.

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