Saturday, 17 January 2015

Orbis & Icos, fresh out of the kiln:                                                                                                            

And they have all survived the glaze firing, to 1220o C. They were fired with the opening towards the kiln shelf as that way the shape is most stable. I expected the one on the right to have stress cracks as it consists only of the single layer of thrown shapes, with quite a few holes ( I was toying with the idea of inserting the light fitting). As you can see, each one is slightly different... do they look like skeletons of planktons on the bottom of the sea??

Detail, hoping to answer to Linda's comment to the previous post:

I have sprayed dusty pink dry glaze under the crawl glaze on one part of each sphere, to give it a  "blush":

And this is Icos, made with the same mould, but with a very different technique:

As I'm writing this, another bisque kiln full of triangles is cooling down. Unless I have miscalculated the number of triangles ( it is easy to lose count when the studio is full of triangles in various stages of making, drying, waiting to be glazed or fired.....) this should be the last bisque firing.

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