Thursday, 1 October 2015

Clay sketches

The question is how do I depict the essence of the form, without being to literal about it. I want to use the same style framework as the Intuitive Sense of Connection, but create an object with a very different feel. Using the same dimensions provides me with a starting point few steps further along the path. I can use the wooden frame from the previous mould as a starting point in creating a new one.

Armed with several paper sketches, it is time to do some 3 d rough drafts in clay and see if I can get a feel for the form...
First attempt:

Several hours later there is not much more I can do to it. I can't quite see how they would connect together, so I'm trying to get a better idea by connecting the photographed form in Photoshop:
I know, it doesn't look very exciting. Lets try that again....another 2 hours in the studio have produced this:

For the time being, I am convinced that it will work, and I march on forward to make a plaster mould.....
The next day I look at it with the fresh eyes and decide that it is better to be brutally honest with myself than put more effort into it.
It is too big and chunky and very sixties and I need to start again.....
Yes, the monkey on my shoulder tries to argue that as I have put so much effort into it, I  might as well continue and I will like it better as it grows, but I have been there before and decide to listen to the gut feeling and give it another go.
Back to the empty wooden frame....

and back to the original images... I am particularly intrigued by this one:

I found it on Emiliania huxleyi Coccoliths web site ( Click on name to go to the very informative site)
And this is the third attempt.

I am much happier with it.

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