Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Intuitive Sense of Connection at Bondi

Arriving to the Bondi beach with a taxi straight from the airport at 9 am, we saw the truck with sculptures just arriving. How exciting!!! If you look really closely, you can see the skeleton of Intuitive Sense of Connection at the front of the truck.

This is the spot where it is going:

Several hours later, boxes with the ceramic are lowered by crane:

That is the moment when I realize how monumental undertaking this whole thing is. Am I really here, 4 000 km away from home waiting for MY sculpture to be positioned on the rocks? Exciting. Humbling. Amazing. Terrifying.
Luckily, there is not much time to think about it, as all of a sudden, there is lots to do.
First the skeleton needs to be stabilized.

Then weighted down....
And than dressed up....
Emma is here to help, and so is my husband (behind the camera at the moment)

145 ceramic triangles need to find their exact spot, and be bolted in....

I could not choose the favourite vantage point. I think it looks good from all angles.

Wow, it is done! If you are in Sydney, I'll be lingering around on Thursday from about 10 am, and so will most of the artists present.
Come and say hello!


  1. Oh Wow! that is so good! I'll be sharing on Facebook and encouraging people to go see it. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you for all your support. It means a lot to me

  3. hi Andrea - I made it in to see your sculpture and have posted about my visit on my blog: It was a great day out.

  4. Glad to see this over at Anna's blog, and the link. Geodesic in clay on the beach! Whow! I'm thrilled to see it, and congratulate you!