Tuesday, 16 February 2016

residency at Heathcote

On the 1st of February, I have started 3 months residency at Heathcote cultural precinct.
I am honoured to be the first artist in residence in the newly acquired quarters of the old Heathcote hospital - Admin building.
The building is a home to the residency, 5 artist studios occupied by: Nigel Laxton, Lia McKnight, Stephen Armitstead, Anna Campbell and Susan Radaich and 3 workshop studios just waiting for classes or workshops. For more information on the facilities, click HERE
Why would I forsake my beautiful studio in order to travel half way across the town and lag all the tools and materials with me?
Very good question. I guess "just because I can" is not really an adequate answer. 
It is an experiment; I want to see how will the change of environment influence my work. 
There is an irresistible lure of trying to establish (or at least support) a new ceramic hub.
And there is something very fitting in working on site towards the exhibition.

Week 1:
Getting to know the space. Moving in.


It is so empty and bare..
But the view is mesmerising:

Week 2:
I need to establish a routine, and let people know when I'm here. Invite visitors.
I feel that big part of the residency is being available to the public.

And start working with clay....

Week 3, day 1:
Hey, its working. I have at least a visitor a day. And I'm establishing a working routine. 
The draw back is that there is no kiln, so I'm taking everything that I make back to the Lesmurdie studio for drying, firing and glazing. And lots of tools have to travel with me as I also work in the Lesmurdie studio and I don't have 2 of everything.

No, don't worry, I will not subject you to a daily account of my travels.
There is no internet connection in the Heathcote studio, and by the time I get back home I barely have energy to respond to the most pressing emails.

If you are in Perth, I'm looking forward to your visit :)

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