Monday, 1 February 2016


Today the last 12 pieces for the Sculpture by the Sea are coming out of the glaze kiln. YEY!!! I am almost at the finishing line, with a month to spare. A record!

I am also working on a new project, and every flat surface in the studio is occupied with porcelain circles:

I am making 365 of them ( + spares).

They are loosely based on this microscopic image of radiolaria (marine plankton), symbolising water drops:

I will tell you more about it closer to the installation date. Being an installation, I won't be able to work out some of the details until the actual setting up on site and I find that quite uncomfortable.

I guess it is called "pushing personal boundaries".

Speaking of pushing personal boundaries,
Tomorrow I will be starting the 3 months residency at Heathcote Museum and Gallery in City of Melville (Perth).

But that is the story for the next blog....

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