Thursday, 29 March 2018

It is done (and dusted)

At the moment I am sitting in the shade of a tree, listening to the birds competing for the title of the loudest performer, and trying to relax.
I haven’t had the time or the head-space to write while the whirlwind of the Sculpture by the Sea activities was in the full swing. Now it is all over for another year and it is time to slow down a bit, catch a breath and reflect.
How was it?
This was my 4th Cottesloe SxS and each one is a different experience. Some things get a bit easier – I know more people and my way around, so I felt a bit more confident. My work had lots of new elements so I felt a bit uncertain. It also involved help from lots of people that made me feel more accountable and vulnerable. Being involved in such a massive event made me feel proud too, so all together I think I was on an emotional roller-coaster, feeling exuberant, fragile, energized and inspired. I think I’m getting a bit addicted to the energy of the event.
Tomorrow early I am off to Kalbarri for a few days to recharge my batteries and soak in the beauty of the canyons, river and the ocean.
Maybe I start thinking about making again. I find that I need stillness and quiet to hear the creative voice whispers. They are so easily drowned by the every-day "noise" of activities, chores and general running around.....

Thanks to Branko and Isis for the photos!!

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